Posted by: Amiga | March 9, 2008

Avoiding Temptations…Salgadinho

Cheap eats comes with a gut painful price at times. But It’s usually a combo mix with the cheap cocktail drinks out on the streets made in some cart that will have you running for the bathroom every 10 minutes… BEWARE of those seriously. I’ll save that for the “Outcome” category, in the tales to come along with “Drunk”, “Adventures”, “More No-No’s” and “Drama”.

Salvador da Bahia is filled with endless options for ones tastes bud. Your senses go on overload with just the smell of spices and savory dishes cooking up EVERYWHERE. Vegetarians and Meat-eaters alike will not be spared the unwanted “Outcome”, that everyone experiences upon their arrival. Its unavoidable, at one point or another it will happen, soooo ….TRY THE CHEAP SALGADINHOS/SNACKS!

Just use your judgement on the obvious visible details, hygiene, fairly clean cooking paraphernalia, are they propped up against a garbage dump, has anyone bought anything in the past 30 minutes you’ve been contemplating on approaching the stand, are you really that hungry that if you stood around in the sol quente/hot sun stalking a street vendor… you know the basic common sense stuff to ask yourself. Also keep in mind these are not low carb, fat counting calorie salgadinhos/snacks. You’ll have to resort to a few hours of extensive Samba dancing at one point or another to burn this stuff off.

Once you get past that you’ll need to worry about signing up with a weight-loss program, and de-clogging your arteries upon your return but, hey come on, Brazil, … live a little. If you can avoid the temptation of trying everything in one day. Drink plenty of agua/water (bottled), and stay away from Immoduim it just makes you worst.

Be sure to send me an update on what became your favorite.


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