Posted by: Amiga | March 13, 2008

jump off the bus… JUMP! part-1

One should always prepare themselves to fling out a speeding bus door like a stunt-person, during traffic in Salvador da Bahia. And make sure it’s a spectacular leap. All eyes will be on you…SUPERSTAR! But before you read on to why lets just cover a few things on commuting via buses in Salvador da Bahia.

Public buses, Onibus are the most commonly used means of transportation other than .. your own two feet, cars, and taxi’s. They are highly recommended for getting around. Personally, I love the bus experiences. I don’t encourage taxi’s for day activities. Reserve those for evening and late night party commute. When you spot that bus, get ready you won’t be the only one running for it, everyone does, young, old, vendors…run…run Amigo. If you are in the lead, remember you are aiming to enter through the back door, then get a foot in the door as you grip those handle bars …

The bus drivers in Bahia seem to be capable of doing many things at the same time as they drive. Some buses will require you to pay as you get off in the front to the driver 2Reais (currency in pl.) is the common fare, or 1,75. Smaller ones selectivo/selective with AC that run longer distances will cost around 4 Reais. Please be sure to have correct change for them. I have seen drivers perform many scary activities while driving, lets not encourage any more, including letting go of the wheel and fishing around bags for change in speeding traffic.

Most buses in which you enter thru the back, have a person seated in an elevated seat which you pay your fare to. They are very open to questions and assisting with signaling you to your stop if they are not very busy. So just give them a smile and say Oi, bom dia amigo/hello, good day my friend as you enter, language is no barrier to communication, shove a map at them if you need to and point… just don’t paper-cut anyone.  (to be continued)

Ok, amigos, I’ll be back shortly, with part 2 on riding the Onibus in Bahia, oh and your split second of Stardom leaping out of it. I’m going to go get some change, I’ll be right back.


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