Posted by: Amiga | March 14, 2008

jump off the bus… JUMP! part-2

Attention all fast walking, zero talking, pepper-spray in the handbag City Slickers, don’t freak out, Bahianos are very friendly, and love to strike up a conversations with just about anyone about anything. Even if it requires various non-offensive hand gestures to communicate with us foreigners. You won’t feel left out of the friendly chats that strike up while waiting for what seems like FOREVER, for your Onibus/bus.

Time seems to be irrelevant in Salvador da Bahia unless its time to eat, catch up with friends, or just about anyone passing by. It’s just very laid back…even when working. So remember this when waiting for the bus, or any other services…breath in and relax, you’re in Brazil.

If you are going for a long ride, or have no clue where you are going make sure to pick up a bottled water so you don’t blackout from the heat inside these mobile metals. Or have some change to pick up a bottle for about 1 reais inside the bus. Vendors selling just about anything that can be carried in will make their appearances shortly as you move along. Carry light as buses do get crowded and leave the valuables behind. Whoaa, whoaaa…relax, that was just common sense talk, for anywhere you go that is unfamiliar.
There are various bus companies traveling to similar destinations or stops. If you are commuting between Ondina, Campo Grande, Praça de Se, Comercio, Barra, to see a few popular spots in Salvador you will most likely be boarding one of the following bus lines: BTU, Uniao, Verdermar, Barramar, Praia Grande, Modelo, Vitral, Sao Cristovao. They run in and out of these major avenues: Avenida Oceanica, Avenida Marque de Leao, Praça 2 de Julho, Avenida 7 de Setembro. I’ve included links to the Onibus site for you. (to be continued)

Ok, amigos I used my bus money from earlier on a drink. So, I can’t take this bus with you but. I’ll be back momentarily we’ll wrap-up this bus info with part 3. Then we can head to the beach and check out the Brazilian Bundas. If you don’t know what a Brazilian Bunda looks like…


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