Posted by: Amiga | March 15, 2008

jump off the bus… JUMP! part-3

Are you heading out to enjoy the surf and gaze at some Brazilian bundas/”booty” on the beach? The Axe, Verdemar, Barramar, Praia Grande, BTU Onibus /bus line are just a few that can take you down along the pristine coast. A lovely misty ride to the praias/beaches. Making stops along north and south of Salvador.

The ride will cost you 2 reais (currency(pl)). The Onibus /bus can be boarded at nearly all locations between Praça De Se, in Pelourinho, Porto Da Barra, Campo Grande and along the coast. You can also jump in at any Rodovarias/ bus depots, find a direct one or a transfer from where you are. Ask the person collecting the fares at the back entrance of the bus so you don’t end up riding lost into the Favelas/”shantytown”. And be prepared for the amusing adventures that occur in the buses.

Anything from musical parties boarding and leading the entire bus into a joyful choir and dance frenzy, accidents (now I understand why there are so many famous Brazilian race car drivers), police raids (searching for a criminal whom escaped and might have decided to go stand at a bus stop wait out in public and kindly pay their fare and board a bus), engine collapses (more than often), blockades of samba dancing protesters obstructing the streets (dancing for a cause…LOVE IT!), collapsing colonial buildings along the path (best part is watching the firemen take a break and walk over to the nearest bar for a cold one…while you’re still in the bus), lewd nude activities (uhm…take notes), vendors with very persuasive marketing techniques (for items you have no need for).

The Beach…You’re Here!!! Jump!!

(they don’t always come to a complete stop for riders).


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