Posted by: Amiga | March 15, 2008

The riders JUMP commentary

“Oh those people that jumped off the bus…poor things. And you know why the tall one rammed into that phone booth and got all bloodied up right?” Uhm … need I ask why?

As I’ve mentioned prior, Bahianos are very friendly, and love to strike up a conversations with just about anyone about anything. So as we are driven off at life endangering speed in the public bus a fellow rider, a beautiful young Bahiana decides to chat “Porque/why? I asked, (withholding my giggles), why did the tall man get bloodied-up when he had no choice but to jump out of the moving bus?” She looked at me very seriously as if about to share some deep dark insight to what I assumed was obvious.

But unfortunately she never had a chance. At that very moment as she lean in with her lips towards me another fellow rider across the opposite seat whom had been motionless, and snoring for the past 20min into the ride sprung up to life, as if by queue. Slapping his chest and emanating a strong whiff of about six cheap Skol beers for breakfast, and spews out his words of wisdom…

“Amigas, they didn’t have good timing.”


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