Posted by: Amiga | March 16, 2008

Shake it like Rice…Condoleeza in Bahia

A 13 year old boy begging for money. Secretary of States Condoleeza Rice drives past. . She visits Brazil for two days, and was able to make a stop into Salvador da Bahia . She said she had always wanted to see Bahia, and she was well welcomed by the Bahianos, a few whom watched her dancing, going to church, visiting a museum, and driving past Pablo, the Kid.

Her stay was brief as she was also hitting some other major cities in Brazil but for a couple of hours she hung out in the Historic Center Pelourinho, where she checked out the Afro Museum, Attended a mass at the church Igreja Nossa Senhora do Rosario dos Preto/Church of our Lady of Rosary’s of the Blacks, danced with the famous Afro-Brazilian Samba-Reggae band Olodum outside of the church, and drove by as one of her security guards grabbed this 13 year kid, Pablo outside whom merely wanted 1real. It is mentioned she enjoyed Bahia.

If you are ever in Pelourinho, check out this Church built over the course of a century by the African slaves at night, an amazing wonder indeed. Truly beautiful.

The Church Our Lady of Rosarys of the Blacks/Igreja Nossa Senhora do Rosario dos Preto. has and old cemetery in the back belonging to those whom had been brought in as slaves. Preserving its history linked to blacks, the liturgy of services held in this church today makes use of music inspired by practices of Candomblé. Which originates from the West African Yoruba tribes.

It wasn’t a long trip. Not too many picture of it in the papers. It would have been incredibly awesome to have seen a shot of Condoleeza Rice grooving and shaking what her momma gave her in front of a church. You know show us a little James Brown soul in you. Or getting her hair braided up into cornrows with colorful strings from one of the tourist hair-braiding stands out in front of the place. Hey Michael Jackson went to the same spot, danced outside of the same church and shot a video with the same Olodum band and he didn’t get his hair braided, Lenny Kravitz the rock musician and singer chills out there all the time too. But just recently he only dropped into the African Bar to jam with Olodum band. She could have topped off their, “Outside of the Black Church activity” getting her hair braided, and it would have been a nice earning for the hair braiders too. (giggling….) Imagine the photos and headlines.

Or tried out the Capoeira/Brazilian martial arts, dance, outside Mercado Modelo, so many capoeristas, everywhere you look. Everyone does capoeira in Bahia. Young and old. Anyone would have gladly given her some lessons. Maybe swap the fancy slacks for some capoeira pants and a rope to hold them up and display her physical fighting skills with the boys…no? Would have been cool to see a picture of Condoleeza Rice surrounded by bare chested sweat glistening men and woman. And then afterwards toured the African Market and purchased some handcrafted items. Gone down below it’s steeps stairwells leading to the caves down below that were once used to hold slaves to be sold. Acknowledged harsh reality and struggle along the Lower City amongst the children working the streets.

But since she was pressed for time, perhaps just a quick shot of her rolling down her window like a Bad-Girl and checking out the sexy Bahianos, surfing or fishing as she drove along the coast of Itapua to the airport. But no I didn’t spot any pictures like these. Maybe on her next visit.

Photo by Bruce Girin on Flickr

It looks like Pablo, the kid in need of 1Real (currency) grabbed and scared off by Ms. Rice’s security guard was the most exciting part of it. Follow this link to view more images on Reuters.

I’m also including a photograph ( this one on the left side )by Bruce Girin. We thank him for posting this beautiful image of the Church on his Flickr stream.I’m gonna try and find Pablo the Kid and get his autograph.


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