Posted by: Amiga | March 23, 2008

Just do it, Girl…Brazilian style

Ok,.. ok, so I stood around in my uniform, clapped my hands manically and pretended to know what I was doing in the Roda beside her…(giggling). I had the pleasure of meeting this Female Capoeirista Cristina Becquet, in Salvador da Bahia.

Capoeira is not easy, it requires many years of studies and even with that there has to be a internal passion, and devotion for it. Such as the things we wish to excel in. I personally think most Brazilian have started their Capoeira training as far back as, within their mothers womb. I swear. they’re in the belly’s splitting their times between polishing up mini baby Samba moves and Capoeira before they emerge into our world. It never cease to amaze me. I’m still training, but in the course I have managed to break a bone, and have an ankle badly banged up. I’m not giving up…so stop your whining, if you’re curious, Just Do It! Try it out. For starters it’s a great activity, you’ll get a workout, feel rejuvenated, and look HOT doing it too. And whomever ends up sparring with you will probably end up asking you to go out and dance later… after they have kicked you in the head a few times.

Anyway as you see Cristina has exceptional skills, she also has wonderful personality to go along with it. And can do some serious Maculele dancing too. She’s back in France now where she works. This is she in a NikeWomen commercial she completed. I can’t help it, I had to post, I think SHE’S AMAZING!!!!! I know you agree…, Hey, she can kick your Bunda/booty. Can you say otherwise???

I’ll piped it down on the Capoeira, for now I promise. Tomorrow we can talk about another favorite Brazilian past time, Beer!



  1. I really think she’s amazing. It’s because of this commercial I started training!!
    If I had the pleasure of meeting her, I’d say a big thank you!!

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