Posted by: Amiga | March 25, 2008

Before traveling to Brazil…Get Shots

“Delirium, high fever, red in the face & eyes, muscle aches, liver failure, paranoia, serious dyheria, hemorrhage, heart dysfunctions, coma, just to name a few reactions”, said my doctor. Ok , so uhm… no other alternatives, I mean… I really would like to save a little cash on unnecessary expenses since I’m relocating to Brazil. Do I really need those Malaria and Yellow fever shots and pills? This stuff is like temporary no? And plus those shots are not even covered on my health insurance, I remember saying.

It’s I’m SO lucky to have had a wonderful doctor with a kinky name and an awesome sense of humor, not to mention a heck of alot of patience for people with unreasonable questions, LIKE ME. I know better now, but back then I asked and what was I thinking? There are certain things one can skimp on in life… but ones life should not be it… and for a trip? Nao/no!
When I asked him if those reactions were “just temporary”, he simply stared at me and responded, “why yes ofcourse… when it’s not an immediate death”. Ok, Thank you Dr. Kinkabawala,… let me just roll up my sleeve here really quick, I’ll take those giant horse pills too, for uhm… necessary precautions, add it to the bill”.

Wait… sorry, what the heck is Dengue, Yellow Fever, or Malaria? It’s bad.. very , very bad. It is a viral infection transmitted by mosquitoes. If you are traveling to Brazil, or planning to see a doctor and let them know. They can take it from there. Trust me it’s surely better safe than sorry. I had venture off to Brazil prior without any, a big NO-NO. “A short trip”, were my excuses. Or, ” I’m just staying in the city”. It doesn’t matter all it takes is one tiny minuscule mosquito bite. Transmitted thru the blood. Or water that has been infested with it. DEET helps, (but how much can you spray on yourself before you feel queasy from the fumes and blackout), and so does walking around under a table cloth with two holes cut out for your eyes (but you’ll tan all weird…(giggling)… the least of your problems). So any additional precaution should be welcomed.

Did you know that every 30 second a child in Africa has died from Yellow Fever? According to the African Medical Encyclopedia reports. We are fortunate to have an option for possible prevention at our reach. unlike others, don’t you think? At the moment there is a large infestation of Dengue in Brazil. Primarily in the city of Rio, (see a great blogger’s blog on the subject and more, The Adventures of a Rio Gringa). There have been serious cases, and many deaths as well. It’s all over the paper and news. In Bahia it is also a huge scare. Water supplies are regularly inspected in homes and places of services for Dengue.

So handle the serious stuff first before your trip so you don’t end up like our buddy up in my illustration. Afterwards the only thing you should worry about is when to take a break from the fun and get some rest in Salvador da Bahia.

Buzzzzzz… OMG watch out!!


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