Posted by: Amiga | March 29, 2008

Put Your Clothes Back on Girl, we’ve made other plans

Men are shoving their dollars now a days into far more rewarding bachelor parties. Taking off to exotic destinations with their buddies one last time, before tying the knots. As oppose to going to a club, to stare at a stripper’s boobies. I just read about it on today, not exactly in those words. It was called “The Ultimate Bachelor Party Spots”, by Shivani Vora. Apparently it’s a new growing trend in bachelors, guys have realized, “It’s all about bonding with friends”, really? No more Scores? I guess not as often, sorry ladies.

It makes sense. Breaking old habits, and doing something different. I mean you’ve gotten this far. You managed to make it thru school, survived nagging parents. You’ve are busting your Bunda/Booty everyday at work proving to your boss that you are good at what you do, and they should be paying you more no? And now you managed to find that certain someone whom makes all the difference in your life. An experience to travel with your friends, see something new and experience it together. Yes, it’s a far more memorable thing to look back at, than trying to figure out why your wedding was called off after you woke up with a stranger, and really can’t recall what happened.

Or at least if you are planning to be infiel/unfaithful, chances of your partner finding out about it will be slim, because a trip to new adventure destination with the buddies, has a more mature sound to it than say, a gathering with the boys to the local strip club before chapel walk. So Hells yeah, you deserve something more than the same ole bachelor party. I read guys are even signing up with Bachelor Planner and paying muito dinero/alot of money. But that may not be necessary. It can still be done on a decent budget. A step up because you’re different like that, and it’s your reward before you start on a new chapter (high five).

So hey, why don’t you and the guys check out, Salvador da Bahia, Brazil. It’s different and you really don’t have to spend alot, unless you want to go rent yourself a yacht and go out in Luxury. Hey some dude shelled out $125,000 bucks to for 18 of his friends to fly out to London, and then booked them all at the Mayfair Hotel. I guess getting married convinced him to .. go overboard. Or he really loved his pals, and feared the bride would scared them all away. Who knows, I’m sure he’s still remembering the bill he got for all of it.

But on a moderate or even a small budget

one can really have an awesome time in Salvador da Bahia. Get a nice tan while you surf, try out kite boarding. Dive and see if you can find some stash of gold down in a shipwreck. Like they do in the movies and then back stab your friend, for it and ride off in a jet ski. Literally.

Ok don’t try that one, there’s a reason why we only hear about it, … in movies. Do try some Ecological activities in the nearby islands as well. There are tons of islands off the coast of Bahia. Or if you rather not risk having a ” near drowning”, experience before the wedding maybe stay on land and go learn some Samba moves. At a local dance school with a pretty Bahiana instructor, whom will flirt with you so much you’ll be smiling like a ding-dong for days, (a term used in grade school, it’s somehow associated with looking rather silly). Imagine you returning to your bride and surprising her with your dance moves at the reception? And she though you couldn’t dance all this time;} She’ll be so impress, women like to see a little hip swinging too.

Handpick your own stash of hand-rolled cigars with


the guys for the bar at your wedding reception. How smooth is that, and the bride can’t complain, it’s your contribution to the reception planning. They have places all over the city in which you can walk in and watch them do it. They even take a break and sit back and smoke with you. Play some serious golf with the boys, or pretend if your bad unless they tell…no one will know. There is a popular Golf course in Salvador da Bahia, the Catussaba Resort Hotel. The Golf link I just added is actually a humorous story writen by a man on, “World Golf”, about how the stereotype of Brazil girls rings true in Bahia. Oh yeah he mentions, golf too.

Then later before dinner relax in the hammocks and kick back some cold beers as you talk about old times and watch the sunset behind a group of locals starting up a soccer game on the beach, or laugh at the stoned-out ones getting hit in the head with the ball while playing their guitars as they serenade the moon-rising. I’m just mentioning a few of the things you could do Salvador da Bahia with your friends.

Strip clubs??? LOL, you won’t miss them. Just look around you, men and women in Bahia… looks so darn…GOOD. There’s got to be some beauty secrets they all share. Joan Rivers, girlfriend if you are reading this, I’ll find out for us, … sooner for your sake. So guys you can admire the beauty from up close in broad daylight, for free as you simply walk down the streets. Just don’t stare too long, remember you’re classified as part of a new generation of “hip” trend-setters, not the creepy dude group. Put your sunglasses on if you must.

I wonder what the ladies are doing nowadays as they count down their last days of… ”Freedom”?

I’m going to go find out, I’ll be back,



  1. Great Article. Brazil sounds like a great location for a bachelor party.

  2. OBX Guy Thank you. It’s an awesome place for all sorts. I need to return and check out your destination as well.

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