Posted by: Amiga | March 30, 2008

Bacherlorettes, I saw you shaking that…

I’m back!!! Sorry I strayed off…,Thanks for returning everyone.

“I wonder what the ladies doing nowaday as they count down their last days of,… ”Freedom”? ” (continuation of last post).

In Salvador da Bahia there always seems to be some sort of party, or social gathering of tourist, vacationers, student groups. Way too many to keep track of but after reading the article in called, “The Ultimate Bachelor Party”, I became curious to find out what the ladies were up when they head out with the gals to Brazil for their Bachelorette party. Well, you know how people that tell you not to do certain things are the ones most likely to be doing it themselves? Whooaaa hohoho!!! Shame on you ladies, actually …(high five)

Yes, I noticed the many Bride-to-Be traveling around Bahia with their friends. I’ve recognized the Bacherlorettes, with the cheesy veil and signs on their back, their cruel friends talk them into sporting all night long as they party (friends don’t let friends walk around like that). I’ve spied on mainly Americans, although I have spotted European gals gone wild too.

Gosh, they look so happy, walking thru the streets of Pelourinho at night just living it up. Laughing, talking sharing good-times once more before, who knows what happens once they get married. And no Bahiano men are spared from Bunda/booty grabbing. Wait bunda grabbing is as far as what I can see… in public…hint hint. You guys get yelled at for checking out womens boobies at strip clubs…lol, petty crimes.

On Tuesday nights in Pelourinho it’s always an official party night in the Centro Historico/Historic Center. That translates into FREE, Forro and Samba dance parties! It always has been dating back to who cares… it’s Terça Feira/Tuesday. And most people get paid from work this day so it’s a madness of free music, good food and drinks, at every public square. Stands are wheeled out and decked with tropical fruits ready to be served up with every cheap concoction of drinks you can think of, or dare to drink. All the locals and those in the nearby cities of Salvador da Bahia get dressed up after work and head over for some all night long dancing, (there’s no such things as a little dancing in Brazil).

It’s a mix of tourist and local all just having a good time together at night. But yes, I can see how people decide to go away with their friends one last time to in pursuit some quality time with just their friends. It’s not just a naughty getaway. I‘ve even noticed them at restaurants when it’s time to jantar/dine. The small group and the bride to-be trying out culinary taste buds together over traditional Bahiano dishes, such as Moquecas. And giggling like school girls, when a sexy local Bahiano walks by flirting with them, (no one is spared from Bahianos men and woman whom may not go a second without flirting with anyone they find desirable, even kids flirt…Yikes call Dr. Phil!).

During the day, those girls are still having fun. Enjoying a little of the diverse cultural influences that can be seen in Salvador da Bahia. Museums, and Art Galleries, Oh and then there is Barra Shopping Mall, and Shopping Mall Salvador, in Iguatemi!!! SHOPPING!!! That’s after they hit the cheap stores for bikini’s on Avenida Sete/Seventh Avenue. Trying on cute summer dresses, before walking off to the Spa. Bet they were getting depilicao/waxing Brazilian style to show off at Porto da Barra Beach. All the hotties hang out there…

Oh wait… they’re heading out to boy watch, uhm… talk amongst yourselves folks, I’ll be right back… ladies I can keep a secret;}


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