Posted by: Amiga | April 1, 2008

In the end it’s all Good…and Blue


Great news … YOU’RE COMING OUT TO CARNIVAL IN BRAZILfoto15.jpg FOR FREE !!! And David said you can fly, on him … for life. Which David ? The David you haven’t met yet and loves his model planes.That one…

jetBlue Airways Founder David Neeleman has launched yet another Low- fare airline this time, in Brazil. According to a Press Release from NASDAC . It will be flying in flights from the US into Brazil and also handling domestic flights there as well. He’s the thing the name for the new airway does not measure up to the hot and spicy country. For now it’s being called , “Air Brazil”… boring…zzzz
foto18_baixa.jpg No doubt he’s a great investor but seriously that doesn’t seem to connect with the lively-hood of the country. Maybe no one had the courage to speak up during the final board meeting and let him know that name just wasn’t happening. Perhaps he received one of those, “I added him on the FWD by mistake” , email from one of his employees. I don’t know, The point is he is offering a lifetime of FREE TICKETS … FREE!!! To anyone whom can pick a name that justifies the Airline, the link is called “You pick”.

And for all of those whom don’t inspire him with a cool name, you still get the wonderful opportunity of flying to Brazil at a fantastic price. WHAT?!? The two airlines which dominate all flights to Brazil by 92% are Tam and Gol, (hmm…why do I have the sudden urge to play Monopoly). So David’s stepping in and representing us broke people. Breaking that mode, and doing what he does best, budget fares, with wider-seats, and some other stuff I can’t recall all of the details because FREE FLIGHT TICKETS FOR LIFE, keeps ringing in my head.

Why such an interest in Brazil? Because he likes to wear flip-flops and drink beer… No, No, just kidding. Aside from the fact that he is was born in Sao Paulo Brazil, the country’s economy is at number one in growth. And Two he’s got the money to do so, …why not. So now you have no excuse, you can come out to Salvador da Bahia and enjoy Carnival, or stop these kids from fighting… Enjoy!!!


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