Posted by: Amiga | April 2, 2008

Favelas of Bahia

The Favelas/”Shantytown” as they are identified with, in Salvador da Bahia are different from the ones in say, Rio de Janeiro, or Sao Paulo. They are situated at the base of the hillsides as opposed to the the elevated ones seen in films such as City of Men.

What does the actual word Favela mean? It’s a type of plant that the former refugees and soldiers of a past war had encountered in the North East Region, Bahia. And went on to name the land they settled into in Rio. They were displaced by the government whom had not granted them a place to live in. And so this is the association with the Favelas we see today. Home to many divided by their economic background.

Rio, favelas would be located up here. One would have this view.

In Bahia they are below. These are not all Favelas. This area is quite intergrated with residential homes, and so you can’t really distinguish many.

Favelas are usually made from scraps, concrete, or bricks. Most go unpainted, it depends on the area and the inhabitant. Stairs and inclines path lead the way in and out of one. Electricity is shared by most from an outside host, but there are those that do not have any.

On Seixta Feira/Friday night, it’s Pagode music party at the Favelas below… till wee hours. I’m left with no choice but to step out into the night and dance as well. There’s always a reason to festa/party, in Salvador da Bahia.



  1. sweet pics!

  2. Hello Wanderer
    Thank you!!! And may I say your GAIA Blog is quite inspirational.

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