Posted by: Amiga | April 8, 2008

Shopping for Brazilian Swimsuits

You arrive in Brazil on vacation what’s the first and most important thing you purchase? BRAZILIAN SWIMWEAR! It is imperative to treat yourself to a pair, even if it’s not your “thing”, just once, get yourself a nice bold solid color or a hot racy pattern that screams out SEXY! And wear it like you just don’t care. It’s Brazil. You shouldn’t no one else does.

When in Brazil if you look about on the beach you will notice just that. Young, old, large or thin, male or female, none of them are self conscious about their bathing suit. They are proud people whom love their bodies as is, and frankly don’t give a darn about what super models look like. That is if you can even see their tiny bathing suits.

So ladies No excuses about how your bunda/butt is too flabby. One piece bathing suits? Silly, there’s no such thing. Ladies explore the various options for your comfort and beach activity. If you go for the Fio-Dental/ Dental Floss (micro bikinis) refrain from participating in any water sports activities in them or being impulsed to join in the vigorous beach dancing that always start up in Salvador da Bahia beaches. Why? Because they will get washed right off once you get hit by the first wave, or will get logged up your butt, as you shake it fast. I speak from experience. Get them to just lounge around in the sun while you relax.

Bikinis are sold everywhere. In Salvador da Bahia you can shop for them at the Malls such as Shopping Barra (this place has a movie theater, an ice skating rink, and hostess to many fashion shows you can attend), Shopping Center Piedades, Shopping Salvador, or Shopping Iguatemi but they will be more expensive, as they are fancy designer labels. Although they will be cheaper than purchasing in the United States. But if you are able to make some time and hit the local boutiques and stores where Baianos sometimes like to go for bargain you can find yourself a gem for as low as 10reais/about 6 US dollars. I tend to go to Avenida Sete/Seventh Avenue , Avenida Garcia Gomez, or Shopping Baixa dos Sapateiros, to find these. If you don’t get the time to actually go looking for them , no problem chances are you’ll spot Brazilian Bathing suits being sold in deli’s, at newsstands, outside of the emergency room entrance at a hospital, on the beach, nearly everywhere you look. Hey look at the ones these Brazilian TV Stars wore this summer.

Guys, rolling up your pants and wearing an over size t-shirt will only get you some… HEATSTROKE, so take off that shirt and have a buddy trim your back hair if needed, actually try the Brazilian depilacao/waxing spa’s they are quite frequented by men and they will make you feel at ease if it’s your first time. And you don’t have to stop your circulation trying to squeeze yourself into a Sunga/Speedos if you don’t feel like it, because it is actually common for men to wear swimtrunks.

Found this You-Tube video of a perfect example of a Brazilian wearing their bathing suits proudly, and shaking it like they just don’t care. He’s having such a great time, and he’s not even out on a beach, I think he’s dancing by the car outside someones home. Loving It!!!



  1. Good beach.. I Like it ūüôā

  2. que del√≠cia de blog…Bahia √© muito astral!

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