Posted by: Amiga | April 11, 2008

Visa to Brazil, your Pass to Paradise Next Day

With all the excitement about Naomi Campbell partying in Brazil, the Brazilian dude in the Speedo’s dancing out side on the streets, and photographs in my prior post I skipped another vital information for you all, on the list of things to do when going to Brazil. And that is, obtaining a Visa.

What’s a Visa? It’s a official documentation that states you have been granted permission to enter a certain country. If you are going to Brazil on vacation, to party your Bunda/Booty off, swim like a dolphin, and enjoy the rich cultural experience it can offer, you’ll need a Tourist Visa. I’ve highlighted the necessary information, if you would like more check out their site. They even have a cool audio you can play, that reads out the 5 basic steps like my old grade school teacher during storytelling breaks.

There are many other types of visa other than a tourist ones. They grant Business Visas, Students Visas, Ship Crew Member Visa, You Married a Brazilian Visa, Amateur Athlete Visa, Artist Visa, Church People Visa, I’m serious folks, they have these and alot of other interesting ones they issue, see what applies to you. I’ve always used a tourist Visa but since they have so many options, I’m thinking CREATIVE, I’m going to see if they have a Unemployed and Blogging Visa.

You find a Brazilian Consulate in your area.

Walk in hoping you get a cute guy or lady to assist you with the process. Normal business hours Monday thru Fridays, they are waiting for you.

The fee would be about US $130.00 (as of January 2008) if you are an American, if you are Canadian it’s US $65.00. WTF? They get cheaper prescriptions too!

Pay a fee with a US postal Money order or one that is official in your country (THEY WILL NOT ACCEPT CASH) and leave your PASSPORT with them.

Pick up your Passport as soon as The NEXT DAY or whenever your boss lets you leave for the, “doctors appointment” you claimed you had to goto.

Your Passport will now brandish a blotchy stamp, signed and dated for use within 90 days. Now all you need is to find a reasonable airfare to purchase a ticket, an idea of what kind of things you would like to see or do. Enough time set aside to become one with the beach or with the Brazilians;} And some time for the amazing cultural activities one can expect in Salvador da Bahia, Brasil!

Be sure to read my past blog on getting your shots before the trip. It may be a funny blog but it’s a serious matter.

Hmm, let me see what I can find in terms of Cheap flight to Brazil. I’ll be right back.


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