Posted by: Amiga | April 12, 2008

EyeCandy, Afro-Brazilian Jewelry found only in Bahia

These gorgeous all natural African Stone necklaces can only be found in three places, The Museu de Arte Mordena da Bahia/Modern Museum of Art in Bahia, Mercado Modelo, or around my neck, actually around the necks of the many foreign visitors men and women, and quite a few celebrities as well whom have visited the Gallery in the Cidade Baixa/”Lower City”, Mercado Modelo. It is the famous African Market located in Comercio where they have had the pleasure of meeting the Creator and Gallery owner of, Galeria O, Lumbe, Tekka. She also is known as, A Rainha dos Colares/ The Queen of Necklaces.

Indeed she is, there are no identical jewelry pieces within the Gallery, the Ronchas/stones are unique, each one has been found in different regions of Africa, the colors you see here are either natural or have been stained by hand or caused by natural age. Blew me away when she explained this. They are just so colorful, it’s hard to belive they are …natural stones. Which explains why they are also displayed at the cities Modern museum. She makes bracelets, chokers, ankelets, traditional musical instruments, all by hand.

Not only that, she is there each day despite her popularity and active commitment to the Art and Music Industry, and Candomble, and Capoeira ! She is quite a busy-bee, but loves to make sure she personally greets and answers any questions her visitors may have, about her work and BAHIA! A wonderful spirited person, and don’t let her petite size fool you, she’s quite a lady is also a professor in Capoeira .

When in Bahia, be sure to drop into the landmark Mercado Modelo. It’s an active market frequented by tourist and natives. Make it a day, you won’t regret it. You’ll see and hear, taste, feel all the cultures diversity, just in that one place. They have bars and restaurants indoors and out where you can sit down and relax afterwards. Oh and be sure to visit the caves found right below the Mercado. There are spiral stairs leading those interested in viewing for free. It is open to the public and holds an emotional experience for those willing to view a glimpse of Brazil’s past. They were used as holding wells for the Africans brought in for slavery during the Colonial times by the Europeans. But today it’s is a very lively place filled with much harmony and love for those whom visit. On Friday evenings if you aren’t too tired after the great meals one can find there, you can stay for the live Samba bands that come in and perform. Quite a party!!! If you stop by tell Tekka, Julissa sent you says Hello!!! She definately give you a great discount.

I’ll be sure to follow-up this week with a blog on Mercado Modelo for you. For now, I just had to share these beautiful eye candy with you all

Tekka a Rainha dos Colares
Galeria O,Lumbe
Mercado Modelo, piso superior (top floor)- Quadra O, Bahia , Salvador, Brasil



  1. beautiful colors.

  2. Oi Jessica aren’t they vibrant!!! When you visit her Gallery or see them at the museum you really can’t believe they are real, and not to mention naturally colored! I’m glad you enjoyed the post, I will have them available for purchase thru my http://www.amigos website VERY SOON!!
    Muito Obrigada a voce Jessica,
    Abraços e AXE

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