Posted by: Amiga | April 14, 2008

No thank you I brought my own award

An example, this applies to a person trying to submit one image into a FLICKR Group, moderated by someone trying to mess with our tired heads:

“Post 1 and comment on about 50, invite around 20, and make sure you Fav 31.

Please place your Photo in the correct thread after posting in the group thread, and stop by the "NEW MEMBERS" thread and introduce yourself to the group. All members posting to the thread comment on, "LAST WEEKS WINNER" thread must congratulat the Second and Third place contest runner-ups, in the, SECOND PLACE LAST WEEK WITH 34 AWARDS OR LESS thread,or the THIRD PLACE THE WEEK BEFORE WITH 33 AWARDS OR LESS BUT INVITED 2 FRIENDS thread.

Your comments for the FIRST PLACE WINNER should be placed in the separate thread marked, " 35 OR MORE AWARD FIRST PLACE CONTEST WINNER", thread.

Comments are encouraged and this group is strangely moderated.  Please be sure that the image you have posted has received an INVITE.

If you do not have an INVITE for your image but wish to post it, you may do so but following this OTHER thread, but first you will need to INVITE 10 friends and get them to read and understand all the rules as well.

Make sure your photo is tagged before submitting to the group, and that you have been approved to join by the groups Moderator.

If you are interested in REPOSTING an image already in our group Thread you may do so by following these simple steps: Post 1 and comment on about 50, invite around 20, and make sure you Fav 3. Please be sure to place your…..” zzzzz
It’s all so complicated. I just made my own  award and i’ll just start pasting them out on random photo streams. It will cheer people up, refreshing and welcomed, hmmm, what could I use as an award?….



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