Posted by: Amiga | April 15, 2008

When in Brazil,…Haggle

What? You want to buy a big giant Tambor/drum in Brazil, enroll in some drumming classes then fly back home the drum, so that you can play it all night long, butt naked, and stoned like Matthew McConaughey, plus you dislike your neighbors and want to piss them off? … Haggle

What? You spotted those really fancy Colares/necklaces in Mercado Modelo, you had read about them in that weird girls Blog, you’re thinking of buying a few for your family and the new boss you are trying to impress? …Haggle

What? You stopped to watch the Capoeiristas performing on the streets and now some dude is asking you to pay up 50 Reais (currency in Brazil) for taking their picture?…Haggle

What? You want to buy some Brazilian Saint Icons in Sao Felix, Cachoeira, so you can take back home and pray you don’t get fired every time you get into work late?… Haggle

What? You have been walking all over town in Brazil and are so hungry you could eat a horse, and since you can’t read in Portuguese and have no idea what these signs say, nor what you’re paying for, you are still going to try and get some food from the outdoor vendor with the dirty rubber chicken display? …Haggle

What? You’ve always wanted a tatoo, but your mom will kick your Bunda/Butt so you’re going to look thru some cute guys book filled with photo copies of someone else’s drawings, and pick out something he claims he can Henna tatoo instead? Oh wait did he just offer your boyfriend a prostitute, at a discount? …Haggle

What? You’re jealous of those two, so you’re going to buy some bright Hot Red Sungas/Speedos right on the beach as well, put them on and run out like a Bay Watch Lifeguard before these two get all the “Bois” attention? …Haggle

What? You can’t make it out to Brazil just yet but you want to buy some Brazilian Biquinis/Bikini’s online at Brazilian prices, and show them off this summer?…Haggle

What? You read all of this and now you want a drink, a Caipirinha? …Haggle

Haggling according to the Negotiations Experts means, “to negotiate, argue, or barter about the terms of a business transaction, usually focusing on the purchase or selling price of a product or service“. Business is always welcomed in Salvador da Bahia, a purchase without haggling is considered unusual. Have fun with it be reasonable and get some AWESOME deals in Brazil!!!


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