Posted by: Amiga | April 17, 2008

Brazilians have a better solution to Kareoki…VAGALUME!

Every where I go in Bahia, Brazil, the minute music is played, no matter where I am, it could be in the emergency room of a hospital, on a bus, in an elevator, on a tram, at a Capoeira training, crossing the street in front of a car blaring music, on the beach, at the pharmacy …you get the picture EVERYWHERE!

If there is music, BRAZILIANS WILL SING AND DANCE ALONG in unison, and in any given language. There is no challenge for them. Don’t play that funky music, unless you have enough time, because once they start they don’t stop. Walking down the street to the store to get a loaf of bread sometimes felt like I had background music like they do in the movies. And a full cast, and sound crew like in Matrix playing all sorts of stuff while I’m in action. And in the stores God-forbid they have a radio playing. You walk into the grocery store and it’s like you have to watch your back, not from shopping carts and falling cans of food but from people happily dancing and singing along the aisle to the music playing, all together …FOR REAL!!! A car, driving by in front of a group of kids MADNESS!!! They bust out like mini video dancers.

I started feeling so left out. WTF? I tried learning a few words to popular songs I heard frequently around Bahia, or in my Capoeira classes, the traditional songs. But it’s way to much activity going on at the same time, and one can get hurt really badly if you do not pay attention in Capoeira. The last thing I’m trying to think about is words to a song. I’m still learning Portuguese so sometimes I get words mixed up and say a curse words every now and then. Even when singing the songs, but there is no time for me to think about that when I’m Jogando/Playing NO way. I would kicked in the head or something.

Sparring with an opponent who is practically flipping over you, swinging their arms all in your face, the others all excited around you in a circle, clapping, singing and dancing. Some even screaming and coaching you on, and I’m expected to, oh yeah, learn lyric to songs while my life is flashing before my eyes?

Hmmm, OK!!!

If they can do it, I can too. Brazilians have no problems learning the lyrics to the latest, Jill Scott, or Red Hot Chili Peppers, Shakira, or Bob Marley, they can even break out into a Rap German!!! And I’m not even covering the part about how they learn the dance moves.

Introducing Brazilians Secret Solution to Singing Along…. VAGALUME!!!

A timbalada traz axé pra você
x 4

Quando fores dado flores
Um buquê de rosas para te

Perceberás que alguém te ama
E esse alguém sou eu

Meu coração palpita sempre
Quando sempre penso em você
Contigo quero navegar no mar desse prazer

Foi difícil para me conter em
dar aquele beijo que eu te dei
Tua boca tem sabor de quero mel
eu quero mais eu sei que sei

Quando olha nos meus olhos
sinto que as coisas estão indo bem
Quando beija minha boca,
sinto que teu coração eu conquistei.

AOL, which is UOL in Brazil paired with Argentina has this wonderful site named VAGALUME. It featured over 1 million down-loadable lyrics to over one million songs, IN ENGLISH, SPANISH OR PORTUGUESE. Not only that, a video on YOUTUBE, and you can also hear the song on a player. Download the artist photographs, browse thru the top 100 songs searched of Brazilian, Latin and American Artists. Read their Bio, the interviews, obtain plug-ins for your web pages, send lyrics to friends. Link with Orkut and MSN, and there are still more features, I need to learn about as well. The point is, it’s AWESOME! It’s FREE and available to ALL.

You’ll learn lyrics in up to 3 languages to your favorite new or old Pop, Hip-Hop, Samba, Forro, Capoeira, Country, R&B, Reggae, Rock…

And you can watch the videos and learn the dances if you want to get with the program and start dancing at youe local grocery stores too;}



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