Posted by: Amiga | April 18, 2008

Carlinhos Brown says he is a Popscicle Vendor, with 40Million?

Carlinhos Brown, Entrepreneur, Singer, Composer, Arranger, Producer, Record Label Owner of Candyall Music, and now recently turned Fine Artist, says he’s a Popsicle Vendor.

He doesn’t like to be called a Businessman, let alone a Entrepreneur. According to the interview conducted by Bahia’s Atarde Jornal/Newpaper, newest magazine called, “Muito”/Very Much.

Opps, sorry Carlinho. In that case, do you have any Coco flavored pops?

Are you kidding me Carlinho? What are you taliking about? YOU’RE THE MAN! You are such a great Bahian Musical Legend!!! Maybe the head wrap is too tight and it’s making him forget that people go as far as calling him Midas, because everything he does, is such as success. Oh but don’t call him that either. He says he doesn’t like to be compared to Midas because then if everything he touched really did turn to gold,…they’d be dead. OK, good point that makes sense.

He is being modest, although there is truth to it. He was a popsicle vendor, it was his first business, right out of a styrofoam box. Born as Antonio Carlos Santos de Freitas in the neighbohood of Brotas, in Salvador da Bahia, Brasil. He was able to nourish his skills with passion and develop his talent after Osvaldo Alves da Silvia, a Master percussion legend introduced him to the world of percussion instruments.

Did you know that Carlinhos added “Brown” to his name “Box Brown”, whom had been a person who had escaped slavery in a box? I didn’t, so I looked up some websites regarding his name, because “Brown” just didn’t sound Brazilian to me. Carlinhos meaning “little Carlos” (if you see him in person, you’ll see… He’s Short) was the nickname given to him when he started working at a recording studio in Bahia. This Studio, WK opened doors for him.

Here are just a few things Carlinhos Brown has managed to contribute to the music Industry, Bahia, and tommorow:

  • Candyall Guetho Square and event and meeting place in Candeal, Brotas, Salvador da Bahia opened to EVERYONE, Free performances and rehearsal space. Alot of Timbaladas Carnival rehearsal happen here in the months of October-February, every Sunday. Be sure to check it out.
  • NGO, Free childrens educational school in Candeal, Brotas, Salvador da Bahia for Kids, acknowledge, and awarded by UNESCO
  • With the help of the governor of Salvador de Bahia started the Tá Rebocão program a community development program
  • Won UNESCO Award Youth category for his work heading Acção Social aiding poor children and youth
  • Lactomia percussion Band started by Brown, members are 7 and 23 years of age and only play instruments made by themselves using recycled materials, (How awesome is that!!!)
  • Timbalada another percussion band popular around Carnaval
  • Started the Electric Trio truck concept used in Carnaval
  • First musician to use the timbau
  • Has recorded numerous, albums, songs, mixes, by himself and with many artists worldwide (too many to list)
  • Has edited over 480 songs
  • The British Financial Times has placed an estimate in Carlinhos Browns work earning of $40Million dollars (WOW thats a lot of Popsicles he is selling!)

His latest creative work is in the making, he working on the production of two international artists and three Brazilians. I wonder who they are? I know he’s done alot of work in Spain, and the US, hmmm… I guess we will have to wait for the Popsicle man to deliver the sweet surprise. In the meantime keep shaking your Bundas during the weekend with some good music!


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