Posted by: Amiga | April 21, 2008

Top 10 Brazilian Winter Activities Encouraged

1) Go have SEX, It’s Cold

“You should have more sex, are you having sex? It’s very important , you must have more sex, It is to help you keep warm during the cold winter rain. Do you want to have sex?”, said the little old man who works at the pharmacy to me. I went to pick up some aspirin. I told him I felt hot in the head, maybe he got confused with some other kind of hot in the head. I don’t know. But he isn’t the only one who has said something like this. It’s not a bad option to buying medication. I need to tell all my friends in the U.S. about this Homeopathic Cure. I will even tell my doctor next time he gives me medication, “No, thank you doctor, I don’t need a prescription or a flu shot this year, I’ll just make sure to have more sex”.

Sick friend calling me on phone: “Alo, what? You have a runny nose and you are feeling sick you can’t go out tonight? OK, maybe next time, make sure you stay home and have sex, feel better, bye” (Click)

Calling the office: “Hello, I don’t feel well today, I can’t come into work, I’m going to stay home and make sure I, “Do It”, so I can come in feeling much better tomorrow”.

Boss: “That sounds like a good idea. We have a very important meeting coming up and, we need you to be there. We cannot allow you to continue being out of the office so often, please make sure you have, more sex from now on, if not I will have no choice but to fire you”. (Click)

It rains, mainly in June and July, but it doesn’t get too cold in Salvador da Bahia. You’ll have to wear a sweater at night sometimes, but in the day you can still goto the beach. It’s not, “COLD”, Iike in the United States or Europe. They are so used to all those sunny days and nice weather in Bahia they freak out at the first Autumn breeze. If you travel in Brasil, outside of Salvador da Bahia, it will be really cold. But not in Bahia. I think they claim it’s cold so they can… go “make love”;)

2) Spend the day at the Mall

Go and have fun and be part of the tons, of people that visit Malls, hanging out ALL DAY!

  • Redo your hair and Make-up on hour long lines to the fitting room, maybe even change your outfit
  • DON’T BUY ANYTHING in stores at the Mall because it’s better to do business at the small stores
  • Try exotic Brazilian snacks and drinks Samples for FREE from food courts or snack bars.
  • Stand in front of boutiques entrances and obstruct people trying to get in or out, while talking to your friends or anyone who is also standing there
  • Dance in front of boutiques entrances that play loud music like it was a club
  • Watch people dancing in front of boutiques
  • Sit around with an Ice pack on your head for a few hours, because someone dancing in front of the boutique elbowed you in the face by accident
  • Wave away people who want to kiss. Brazilians have this thing with wanting to Kiss everyone. Men and women young and old. I’m SERIOUS, it takes a little getting use to and kindly saying no. Especially from a New Yorker like me. Imagine, in New York I would have sprayed them in the eyes with pepper sprays, beat them with my handbag, ran off screaming for help, and would make sure I was on the 10 o’clock news and Al Sharpton would have showed up… just because.
  • Sit on a bench and watch people walking by while sipping a fruit juice
  • Follow a group of people singing and dancing on the escalators, PARTY!
  • Make new friends but, with a limitation on the number of creepy ones
  • Get chased by store, and credit card people, at the Mall trying to enroll people into programs
  • Tell store and credit card people you are not enrolling, but go have beer with them at the food court
  • Watch people in funny hairy coconut costumes, dancing Samba in front of stores all day, “working” on special store promotion and grabbing peoples bundas/butts as they walk by

3) Dance

One never stops dancing when in Brazil, it’s like the Law. And in Salvador da Bahia, I’m surprised they don’t issue fines or warrants for arrest to those caught not dancing. Dance anywhere, even out in under the warm pouring rain to Reggae, or Axe. Just try not to slip with those sandals.

4) Go Surfing

Bahia has some seriously BIG waves. The Hawaiian Tropic Women Surfing Championships are held there annually. If you can ride like a pro go for it, if you are scared like a cat STAY AWAY. The Life guards are not around on most beaches in the winter.

5) Enroll in a Capoeira

So you can have a nice Bunda/Butt by summer time;)

6) Recover from Carnaval, and start planning for Carnaval

After a Carnaval preparation parties that start in October and then all the many Holidays that launch between then and February. By the time March comes along EVERYONE needs to recover from all the, partying, dancing, eating, working, and loving. Accept there is one thing, EVERYONE starts planning for next years Carnaval… in March. (No wonder it’s the Biggest Carnival in the World)

7) Get a Job

Carnaval in Salvador da Bahia is the largest Carnival in the world. Annually it attracts over 3 Million people to it’s week long event. Although the city continues many activities past Carnival, and before it, to attract the tourist and keep the locals busy and just as happy. Many businesses are closed after Carnival as the tourist leave and the city returns to its smaller numbers. People whom were employed during Carnival may find themselves unemployed off-season. And they are probably, “makin lovee”, when they would normally be working… (giggling)

8) Get your Education

Yes, it’s back to school for all those cute little ones, and the cute Big ones too. Many programs are also set up and opened for enrollments for outsiders to participate in as well. The Public Library is host to quite a few Gallery openings, and interesting readings and discussions. They have an extensive archive, and several auditoriums which present foreign films and documentaries to all. The Universities are bustling with performances, and group events that welcome everyones participation. Quite a learning experience for everyone.

9) Goto to a friend in Rio de Janeiro

I don’t know about this one, but everyone is always talking about going to see a friend during the winter in Rio de Janeiro. Huh? I’m curious, does everyone have the same friend???

Is it to help keep them warm during the cold winter rain? hmmmmm?

10) Drink Ice cold Beer, and eat all the Feijao/Black Bean Stew your stomach can hold in the company of Good Friends. Ok even those sneaky ones that talk about you behind your back. In Salvador da Bahia people always place their differences aside, when enjoying a meal or a round of drinks. Once it’s finished then you can all go back to being nasty to each other… just kidding. Actually, I’m not. I finished eating.

Oh, did you guys notice that look? The cute young College guy was looking at the lady who is a well known artist in Bahia. Those two with the guitar and singer who are also famous performer got them drunk with all that beer. Now they will probably go home together to keep each other warm…(giggling)

Hey when you can browse thru my BlogRoll, my list is small, it will grow in time. I honestly place these on my Google Reader so I can read them at the end of the day. I have added them to the Blogroll because I appreciate them. I have more to add I just need to ask people s permission first. So check back for more in the near future. If you have a blog as well, let me know and I’ll be sure to check it out as well.




  1. Sorry I’m not writing anything on my blog today, need to ‘do it’ 😀

    PS: I love this article, all my prejudices about bahians appear to be true 😉

  2. Oi Xixarro tudo Legal hoje?
    Ta bom, it’s ok, Taking a break is good.

    I’m glad you like the recent post, most of my friends from New York are always asking me if it’s true. I tell them I don’t want to say yes, but when I start piecing things together…Yes they appear to me true, it’s not a misconception, dancing, music, culture, sex, food, beer… oh yes, Gostam Muito!!!

  3. Legal. Espero você vai bem também?

    “…dancing, music, culture, sex, food, beer… oh yes, Gostam Muito!!!”

    Now we know the real reasons you moved to Bahia 😉

  4. Olá Amiga,

    nice blog post 🙂 I think I might visit Salvador in winter sometime 👿

    I watch the video and first thing I noticed -> There is belgian beer on the table 😀

    Anywayz, keep up with whatever you’re doing here. I enjoy reading your blog.


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