Posted by: Amiga | April 23, 2008

“Another Sky”, Exhibition at MAM-Um Outro Ceu, MAM

There was a really nice exhibition at the, Museu de Arte Moderna/Modern Museum of Art in Bahia. Created by a Japanese Artist, Yumi Kori, in residence, at the Institute Sacatar, on the gorgeous Island Itaparica, off the coast of Salvador da Bahia. In case you didn’t know Salvador da Bahia has over 56 Islands. YES THAT IS CORRECT, OVER 56 BEAUTIFUL mini-Bahia floating around, many are ecological parks where you can enjoy Eco-tourist activities, go crazy chasing turtles.

Oh wait, that is not what I was Blogging about, sorry. I’ll tell you more about the Islands on another blog.

Back to, “Um outro Céu”/ “Another Sky”, the exhibition. It generated quite a crowd and she had wonderful reviews as well. It was over on Sunday. Sorry for the late news, I’ve been at the Mall;}

Céu Vermehlo/Red Sky

“In “Another Sky” (Red), is like having an experience of the expansion of consciousness (for more scientific minds, an epistemological break!) In real space poem in which the artist uses red lights, shapes and sounds, making with that before the oppressive space gives rise to an experiment in which freedom and imagination – the artist and the visitor – are able to think about the dialectic of inside and outside,out of prison and jail inside. More: the freedom not negotiable. Jornal Atarde

If you get a chance, when you got to Bahia, visit the Museum. It is quite extraordinary, right by the sea. They have many great modern artist work from all around the world on display, an excellent collection to see. It’s easy to get to, you can take a bus to Dois de Juhlo and walk down to Solar do Unhão, Avenida Contour. Or take a taxi. It’s worth it, trust me.

On the weekend one can enjoy foreign films, and Brazilian documentaries in their theaters. There is a fancy seaside restaurant that extends out into the sea over the water, at night they have quite a parade of Jazz musicians and celebrities all in to dine and enjoy the breathtaking moonlit view. One can also enjoy a cafe, the theater house, a bar, a library, an auditorium.

They have sculpture park too!!! It is highly recommended, even for those whom do not like going to museums, you will certainly like this one. It is just …cool like that.

I’ll be back to tell you about a fund raising party Carlihno Brown, and the Olodum guys are doing this week, a whole bunch of other performers are expect to appear as well right in Pelourihno. Another reason to dance in Bahia, fundraising!!!

Wait, why am I excited? I’m not getting any money. Oh that is ok, dancing makes me happy too.


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